In the 60+ years of Indian Independance India has made immense progress in the fields of Agriculture and food security. When we look at the fatcs we realise that the Indian Population has Tripled, but the food-grain has quadrupled in production, Thus creating a substantial increase in the food-rain per capita ratio.

The massive increase in population has led to deforestation and occupation of originally farming based lands combined with the use of artificial enhancers has led to soil impotence. This is where we come in to the picture. Our products restore the fertility to the soil and make them as healthy as before, thus also reducing the risk to human health in the progress who suffer a variety of side-affects due to the consumption of arificial chemicals. Our products make use of 100% natural and organic fertilizers. Some of our products which makes use of Natural extracts formulated and by avoiding the chemical process, containing phytochemicals and is a rich source of plant growth harmones.

These Calculated and Tailor made processes for the ensured and continuing fertility of the soil and careful growth of plants is what we here at SDLBL are proud producers of and always will be.